Bimonthly Roundup

It is a quiet time for the Bimonthly roundup. Winter is coming, and winter is a time to bundle oneself up and retreat indoors, to conserve energy and hold back against the cold until the new energy of spring arrives. Still, there are some blooms which can be seen to poke through the snow, calling to those who appreciate their life and beauty.

This is the latest installment of the Bimonthly Roundup, an attempt to list and discuss events (like sci-fi or gaming conventions) which HRSFANS are going to. It is also announced on hrsfans-discuss, and the updated list is kept on the HRSFANS wiki.

Are you going to any of these events? Got anything coming up that you’d like HRSFANS to know about? Like to see other HRSFANs? Great! Just drop a note and let people know!


11/18-20, Anime USA: Arlington, VA. Seems to have something to do with anime, which is perhaps Japanese animation? More seriously, it’s a fan-based, fan-run anime convention. Also, their website’s mouse-following multilayer css backdrop is pretty slick.


12/2-4, Anonycon: Stamford CT. Small con with heavy focus on RPGs and some LARPs. Jason B and Weiyi G will be running The Dance and the Dawn LARP (by Warren T).


1/13-1/16: Arisia: Boston, MA. Arisia is a massive sci-fi fantasy convention, and many HRSFANS are perennial attendees.
1/13-1/15: MIT Mystery Hunt: Cambridge, MA. The Olympics of puzzle competitions, an annual adventure and tremendous challenge. On this year’s writing/organizing team: Emily M, Andrew L, Kevin C, Kartik V, Novalis. Many other HRSFANS expected to participate.

To get put on future announcements, just add yourself (or your event) to the wiki list, or email me to let me know!

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