Candidacy Statement: Kevin Gold

As Treasurer, I promise to handle HRSFANS’ money wisely, to be subtle yet effective in our fundraising efforts, and to come to every Vericon and reunion. If I had a grand vision at the moment, I would run for President, but since I don’t, I’m running for Treasurer so that I can be on the board and contribute petite visions. I promise that I will not make HRSFANS sell wallpaper or do car washes, nor will hound you all to contribute money without getting anything in return, but I hope to bring a fun HRSFA spirit to any fundraising we do — letting people buy non-con-like titles for each other, or holding events that can bring in money at reunions. I have fond memories of HRSFA, and I hope we can turn HRSFANS into an organization that is just as neat in its own way.