About Us

Welcome to the Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association Networking Society (HRSFANS)!

What is HRSFANS?

HRSFANS is a social and educational organization dedicated to promoting speculative fiction, gaming, and related geeky activities among alumni of Harvard University and friends. HRSFANS is the alumni counterpart of the undergraduate Harvard Radcliffe Science Fiction Association (HRSFA).

How do I get involved?

We encourage our members to stay in touch via our mailing lists. On the lists you’ll read about major HRSFANS events, learn about smaller social gatherings in your area, and be able to participate in discussions on various topics. Click any of the following links to join your chosen list(s).

There are two major mailing lists:

  • HRSFANS-announce: This is a low-traffic announcement list, which all HRSFANS members should be subscribed to. If you’re not on this list, you’ll never hear from us!
  • HRSFANS-discuss: This is a general purpose discussion list. We of course recommend you join this list as well because it’s lots of fun, but it’s not as vital as the announcement list.

More information about mailing lists, including links to regional mailing lists, can be found on our mailing list page.

An email will be sent annually to the HRSFANS-announce list with information on how to renew your membership by filling out a survey and paying optional dues.

We also encourage you to contact the HRSFANS board with any questions or suggestions. You can email the board at contact@hrsfans.org.

Where can I find more information?

hrsfans.org, the HRSFANS blog. Reading the main blog will keep you up to date on major events such as the next reunion and let you see what other members are thinking. This site also contains links to a lot of information about HRSFANS as an organization – explore the links in the top bar.

multivac.hrsfans.org, the HRSFANS wiki. The wiki has a lot of information on current activities and how the HRSFANS Board operates. Large upcoming events are also organized (registration, transportation, lodging, activities, etc) on the wiki. To view wiki pages, please register; this requirement prevents search engines from reading our wiki. Don’t worry, we ask for no personal information other than an email address and we promise to keep that private.

Again, we would like to stress that the mailing lists are the best way to stay in touch with HRSFANS. If you rely solely on the blog/wiki, you could miss a lot of what we do!

What sorts of things does HRSFANS do?

HRSFANS runs a number of large events which draw members from around the country, numerous smaller local events, and some events over the internet. You can hear about these events by joining mailing lists that interest you. HRSFANS also sponsors a grants program and chronicles HRSFA’s history.

  • Major events in the past have included HRSFA/HRSFANS reunions at Harvard as well as Weekend Retreats on the East Coast. These gatherings usually draw over fifty members and are filled with activities such as book discussions, role playing games, cooking, book readings, board gaming, video gaming, and friendly socializing.
  • Local events in the past have included trips to local Renaissance faires and conventions, role playing games, reading groups, and lectures by speculative fiction speakers.
  • Internet events currently include a book club. Former events have included Magic: The Gathering drafts and a monthly writing workshop. (Note: These links are to HRSFANS wiki pages and will require wiki registration.)
  • The HRSFANS Summer SciFi Writing Grants provide financial support to Harvard College students attending a writing workshop with a speculative fiction focus. The HRSFANS Summer SciFi Industry Grants provide financial support to Harvard College students pursuing internships in the fields of speculative fiction publishing or game development.

If you would like to have a hand in the organization and future of HRSFANS, join the HRSFANS-future mailing list and consider running for a position on the HRSFANS Board!

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