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Welcome new board members!

I would like to announce that we have invited three new board members to join the HRSFANS board! Audrey Bennett is joining the board to fill our currently vacant seat. Ian Storey will be joining the board in November, when Kathy Zhang’s term ends. And Betsy Isaacson will be joining in January, to fill the

HRSFANS Reunion Schedule

Friday Alumni Central 4pm-10pm Ticknor Lounge; HRSFA History Scavenger Hunt begins Gather one, gather all, into the Ticknor Lounge!  Sign in to the reunion, drift around, meet alumni you knew or never knew.  Tell stories of HRSFA-way-back-when or HRSFA-last-year. This is a great time to begin the HRSFA History Scavenger Hunt.  Should you choose to

Calciate the Vote!

[The following email was sent on November 4th. The webmaster apologizes for forgetting to post it to the blog until just now. You have one week left to vote.] The HRSFAns constitution calls for an election “The Election Chair shall announce a date and time for counting ballots in November, and shall distribute ballots to

HRSFANS Elections

“In the month of November of the third year of service of the standing Executive Committee, the Board shall conduct a general election for the three officers of the next Executive Committee.” HRSFANS has been around for three years now. We’ve had a reunion, raised an endowment, started SIGs, created ways for HRSFA to connect