One of HRSFANS’ goals is to support HRSFA financially. In 2008, we completed a fundraising drive to help HRSFA purchase a small share (a little over $25,000) of the Harvard endowment. This endowment automatically reinvests most of its earnings each year to grow the fund for the future, while paying out a small portion of those earnings to its beneficiaries, which now include HRSFA. The endowment thus provides for HRSFA in both the short and long term, ensuring a steady stream of income until the end of Harvard or the heat death of the universe. For the nitty gritty details, read more about the endowment. Approximately half of the funds for this purchase came from the proceeds of Vericons, while the remainder came from HRSFANS’ fundraising drive. A plaque commemorating our donors now hangs in the HRSFA library/office.

In 2010, we held a fundraising drive to support our new HRSFANS Summer SciFi Grants, successfully raising the $3000 necessary to offer a scholarship.

We do not have any ongoing fundraising initiatives at the moment, but if you are interested in supporting HRSFA or HRSFANS, there are a variety of ways to donate:

Donations to HRSFA can be directed to the HRSFA endowment or to a separate gift account. Donations to the endowment will pay out yearly disbursements, as described above. Donations to the HRSFA gift account will be immediately available to HRSFA without being invested. Donations to HRSFA through either of these methods are tax deductible. To donate to the HRSFA endowment, please contact the HRSFANS treasurer at To donate to the HRSFA gift account, please contact the HRSFA treasurer.

In addition to fundraising for HRSFA, we also accept donations for HRSFANS itself. These donations will go towards HRSFANS-sponsored events and activities, including reunions, administrative costs, and further projects to benefit HRSFA undergraduates. They can also be earmarked specifically for the HRSFANS Summer SciFi Grant. Donations to HRSFANS are not tax-deductible.  To donate to HRSFANS, please contact Alternately, you can donate to HRSFANS via PayPal:

Before donating, you may wish to read the fine print. If you have any further questions about HRSFANS fundraising, please contact We thank you for supporting HRSFA and HRSFANS!