Month: April 2008

The New Board

We are happy to announce the appointment of the rest of the HRSFANS Board: Kevin Martin ’96 Anne Mini ’88 Emily Morgan ’07 Kartik Venkatram ’05 Michael Von Korff ’07 as well as a new Webmaster, Mike Hamburg ’06. You’ll probably be hearing more from all of us soon.

Regional mailing lists!

We now have several regional HRSFANS lists for people to sign up for and organize regional activities! Please go ahead and sign up! We’re looking for people who want to moderate each of these lists–and who can potentially be local leaders. Let us know if you’d like to help organize your local Hrsfans.

This is your Boarding call…

The Executive Committee is going to be appointing the rest of the Board (an estimated 4 new members) within the next couple of weeks. If you would like to submit your name for consideration, please send us an email to that effect. In serving on the Board, you will be accepting a substantial share of

Election Results

Congratulations to the first democratically elected HRSFANS Executive Committee: Tom Lotze ’01 (President) Elisabeth Cohen ’06 (Secretary) Kevin Gold ’01 (Treasurer) and thank you to the outgoing members of the Acting Board! The executive committee is looking for further board members. If you’re interested in joining, please email If you’d like to get involved