Shadowrun meets…Opera?

I heard about this just last night: Reapo! The Genetic Opera. Amidst a 2067 epidemic of organ failure,  the MegaCorp GeneCo can sell you replacement organs…but if you don’t keep up on your payments, Repo Man will be dispatched to “repossess” them. Meanwhile, the show features Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton, and no fewer than 61 musical numbers.

According to the wikipedia article, it’s been getting good reviews and has been able to expand its limited tour in the theaters due to higher-than-expected turnout.  But ultimately I’m not arguing that this show is good. I’m merely predicting that a certain subset of HRSFANS may find it irresistable. Apparently there’s a sound-track out already, and the DVD comes out in late January. If you see it, please report back!