Bimonthly Roundup

Hello, all! This is the first installment of the Bimonthly Roundup, an attempt to list and discuss events (like sci-fi or gaming conventions) which HRSFANS are going to. Future installments will be sent to hrsfans-discuss and posted on thiS blog, and a list will be kept on the HRSFANS wiki.

Are you going to any of these events? Got anything coming up that you’d like HRSFANS to know about? Like to see other HRSFANs? Great! Just drop a note and let people know!

Now, without further ado:


8/26 – 8/28: Pax Prime: Seattle, WA
This is probably today’s largest and most influential video game conference, created by Penny Arcade. A number of HRSFANs will be attending, including Tony V, Rebecca N, and Dennis C (who has previously convinced Tycho of the wisdom of drinking Catan, if I’m not mistaken).

8/29 – 9/5: Burning Man: Black Rock City, NV
An experiment in temporary community, filled with creativity and bizarreness of all sorts. At least a few HRSFANs will be there.


9/2-9/5: DragonCon: Atlanta, GA
A very big gaming con. No HRSFANs (that we know of) are going, but several are interested in a possible expedition next year.

9/16-18: Intercon Midatlantic: Bethesda, MD
A LARP-focused con with a strong following. Several HRSFANs attending, including Warren T, Rebecca M, and Michael V.


10/20-10/23: Spiel: Essen, Germany
A giant 4-day board game convention in Essen, Germany, where new board games come out. For most of us, heading there sounds a little crazy, but it’s a great place for new German-style board games (as you might expect), and Kevin G is potentially interested in a trip.

10/21-10/22: BlizzCon: Anaheim, CA
For all things Blizzard related, especially World of Warcraft. Certainly of interest to several HRSFANs, but none (so far) are known to be going.

To get put on future announcements, just add yourself (or your event) to the wiki list, or email me to let me know!

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