Bimonthly Roundup: Spring 2012

In the coming days, this may come to be known as the “Trimonthly roundup”. But for those still shivering in the depths of winter, there is hope! For spring is filled with a number of conventions and events of interest to HRSFANS; we bring them to you now, in an attempt to list and discuss events (like sci-fi or gaming conventions) which HRSFANS are going to. It is also announced on hrsfans-discuss, and the updated list is kept on the HRSFANS wiki.

Are you going to any of these events? Got anything coming up that you’d like HRSFANS to know about? Like to see other HRSFANs? Great! Just drop a note and let people know!


  • 2/9-12: Capricon: Wheeling, IL. Nicely sized general SF convention. Mystery Spatula Theater 11 and Gozer Games will be there.
  • 2/12-17: Boskone: Boston, MA. Put on by NESFA, a major Science Fiction/Fantasy convention.
  • 2/19-20: Boston SF Film Marathon: Somerville, MA. 24 hour SF film marathon, noon Sunday-Monday. Drew G will be attending.
  • 2/24-27: Dreamation: Morristown, NJ. Weiyi G, Jason B., Alden S. and Kay S. and Dev P. and Laura S. will be leading a New York HRSFANS contingent


  • 3/2-3/4: Intercon L: Chelmsford, MA. The much larger sibling of Intercon Mid-Atlantic. Matt E and Mindy K are going.
  • 3/16-3/18:

    Vericon XII/HRSFANS 2012 Reunion

    : Cambridge, MA

  • 3/21-3/25 IAFA: Orlando, FL. HRSFANS author Marie Brennan will be attending.
  • 3/30-4/1 [ FOGcon: San Francisco, CA. HRSFANS author Marie Brennan will be attending
  • 3/30 – 3/31 Emerald City Comicon: Seattle, WA. Tony V is interested in attending.


  • 4/6-4/8 PAX East: Boston, MA. Like PAX, but in Boston. Kevin G is interested in attending.
  • 4/6-4/8: Anime BostonBoston, MA. Ada P and Alessandro will be running cosplay events
  • 4/6-4/8 Sakuracon: Seattle, WA. Tony V is interested in attending.
  • 4/27 WACcon : Seattle, WA. Diplomacy tournament. Tony V will stab you.

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