HRSFANS Reunion Schedule

Friday Alumni Central 4pm-10pm Ticknor Lounge; HRSFA History Scavenger Hunt begins

Gather one, gather all, into the Ticknor Lounge!  Sign in to the reunion, drift around, meet alumni you knew or never knew.  Tell stories of HRSFA-way-back-when or HRSFA-last-year.

This is a great time to begin the HRSFA History Scavenger Hunt.  Should you choose to play, you will be an aspiring historian all weekend.  You’re given a random list of years, and for each year, you must find a chunk of HRSFA history.  Remember, primary sources (that is, first-hand accounts) are the quest of any good historian!  At the end, prizes will be given according to some secret system devised by Tom and Rose, and stories will be placed (when possible) on the HRSFANS wiki.


Friday night hangout 10pm-? Quincy Qube

Rediscover the joys of a classic college experience: hanging out in a dorm together, as late as you want!  There could be games.  There could be snacks and trips to convenience stores.  There may be conversation in which we all discover the answer to the question of the meaning of life.  But there will probably not be homework.

 Nota Bene: The doors to Quincy require swipe-card access.  To get in, call Elisabeth (310)486-2085, or follow the instructions that will be posted next to the Quincy main entrance.


Saturday Alumni Central 8am-5:30pm Ticknor Lounge

Hint: Ticknor is unlocked at 8am. If you’re up early, great; if you’re /still/ hanging out in Quincy, perhaps you’d like a change of scene to Ticknor.


Saturday future-planning breakfast with the board 9-10:30am Ticknor Lounge 

If you can get here between 9am and 10:30am, start off with Breakfast with the Board, and have your say about sundry serious matters.  Possible topics include HRSFANS online networking, professional support for undergraduates, local events, and more.


Saturday Book Club 11:30am-1pm Ticknor Lounge

Two of our Vericon guests, Vernor Vinge and Lev Grossman, have written books that the online-meeting HRSFANS Book Club chose to read.  If you’ve read “Children of the Sky” by Vinge or “The Magicians” by Grossman, now’s your chance share your enthusiasm/frustration with the rest of us at a Book Club follow-up meeting.  And we can gossip about the authors, too.


Saturday dinner 6-9pm Kirkland Dining Hall

This is the Big Classy Event of the weekend.  If you like your Vericon Masquerade Ball costume enough, come wearing it!  Get a little space from the hectic activities of Vericon and the reunion, to sit down and relax for a few hours.  It’s a big plated dinner with delicious food, $40 (or lower prices if you ask for assistance), with a little bit of speeches and gratitiude.  It ends at 9pm, in time for the Vericon Masquerade Ball at 10 if you’re into that, and get the second half of Milk&Cookies.


Saturday night Noncons and hangout 12:00am onward Lowell SCR

A really comfortable space the undergrads usually don’t get to use, in which we will do ridiculous things known as Noncons!  These are fake elections, in which we make up the categories and the candidates as we go along.  Drinking is good if that helps you get silly. (Noncons won’t start until after the Vericon masque is over, so there’s no need to duck out early).


Sunday Alumni Central 8am-3pm Ticknor Lounge

Ticknor opens at 8 again; after 3pm, cleanup and such happens.


Sunday family activity 10am Ticknor Lounge 

Kids are always welcome in Alumni Central, but we will have some special story, craft and snack time Sunday morning with Team Martin.  Of course, grown-ups are always welcome even without kids!


Sunday noon: HRSFANS History Scavenger Hunt concludes

Present your Scavenger Hunt stories to Tom and Rose!  I have no idea what they intend to do, but I’m sure it will be amusing.


Invade Vericon Sunday-only

It is worth advertising three events at Vericon that are great for alumni to attend even if you don’t go to the rest of the weekend:

1) The Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God) is going up at 10:00 AM.  Some talented undergrads have undergone great suffering, watching a terrible movie over an over again until the best jokes come out of them.  Expect to laugh all the way through this showing.

2) The Vericon Charity Auction (theme: Doctors Without [Spatiotemporal] Borders) will be holding  1:00 PM. We have the personal guarantee of the ConChair (himself a comedian of some note) that this new Vericon event will be highly entertaining.

3) The Sassafras group, which has several HRSFA alumni in it, is giving a concert at 2:30-3:30 PM.  They are well worth hearing: as Vericon puts it, “Mixing medieval harmonics with modern energy, the sound of Sassafrass is unlike anything you’ve heard and stunning close harmonies with lyrics and themes inspired by folklore, fantasy, and ancient myth.”

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