HRSFANS Elections

“In the month of November of the third year of service of the standing Executive Committee, the Board shall conduct a general election for the three officers of the next Executive Committee.”

HRSFANS has been around for three years now. We’ve had a reunion, raised an endowment, started SIGs, created ways for HRSFA to connect online and locally, held a Winter Party, started an internship program, and more. HRSFANS is something that’s going to continue, and grow. The next step is to hold elections for the next Executive Committee: HRSFANS’ President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

“The sitting President shall actively encourage all members of HRSFANS interested in serving on the Board to submit statements of Candidacy to the Board.”

I hereby encourage all of you who are interested in serving on the Board to submit statements of Candidacy. The Executive Committee of HRSFANS is a central part of deciding HRSFANS’ future and doing what needs to be done to get there. It’s a great way to be a big part of shaping what that future looks like. Specific duties of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer can be found in our bylaws and constitution.

While you only need to submit your statement to the Board to get on the ballot, I encourage you to submit it to

“Any dues-paying member of HRSFANS who wishes to stand for this November election shall declare their Candidacy no later than September 30 of that year.”

In order to be on the ballot, you must declare your candidacy by September 30th. Note that “dues-paying member” translates to “those who’ve filled out the annual survey”. We’ll have our new one up in a couple of weeks, so all candidates will need to make sure to complete that as well. This is also the criterion for voting membership. Also, please note that due to HRSFANS’ being a SIG of the Harvard Alumni Association, our constitution specifies that only members of the Harvard community (alumni, their spouses/partners, students, faculty, staff, parents, and visiting fellows) may run for these positions or vote in this election.

“Following this date, the Board shall designate an Election Chair, not from among the declared Executive Committee Candidates, and this Election Chair will henceforth preside over the election. The Election Chair shall announce a date and time for counting ballots in November, and shall distribute ballots to all dues-paying members of HRSFA, no fewer than four weeks before the election. In each election the candidate with the most votes shall be selected. In the case of ties, the Board, excluding any of its members who are Candidates, shall cast a tiebreaking vote.”

Elections will be held in November. Good luck.

Misce stultitiam consiliis brevem,
Thomas Lotze
President, HRSFANS


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