Save the Date: The Second Quadrennial Big HRSFA Reunion!

We are excited to announce that you should Save The Date for: THE SECOND QUADRENNIAL BIG HRSFA REUNION! This will be held on March 15-18, 2012, coincident with the HRSFA undergraduate SF convention, Vericon XII. Our “blue-ribbon” committee of “people who like to volunteer for things”* is busily working out the details of lodging, food, events and costs.

The reunion in 2008 was a blast — attending were scores of HRSFA alums spanning 20 years, sharing many activities such as going to Vericon VIII, partying, playing games, and generally re-uning. We guarantee that, like the prior reunion, this one will be Made Of Win.**

If you like, keep an eye on the HRSFANS Blog, now available on RSS and Twitter, for updates as they arrive. The Big Sign-Up Announcement will be sent over hrsfans-announce, so please sign up there if you haven’t yet.

Misce stultitiam consiliis brevem,
HRSFANS Reunion Committee

* If you, too, are a person who likes to volunteer for things, let us know and we will get you involved in helping to plan the reunion. We are always interested in feedback about what you might like to see happen at the reunion. Contact Jason Brodsky (jaybrod at gmail) if you are interested.

** By FDA rules the reunion must be at least 90% Win to qualify for this certification.

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